Friday, April 16, 2010

Retro Friday: Power 106, Circa 1991

Remember when KPWR Power 106 wasn't "where hip hop lives," but was more dance-oriented?

Here's a spot from those days, in 1991. Jay Thomas was still doing mornings; DJs included Joe "the Boomer" Servantez. (Power was still playing dance music into late 1996, before the transformation to all-hip hop and R&B was complete.)

The sound isn't quite synched to the ad here, which is why the visuals keep going after the audio is done.

But man, does this bring me back to senior year of high school. And I didn't even live here at the time! (In Hawaii, our KIKI-FM "Hot I-94" had a very similar format.)

Here's audio of how "Power 106" sounded in 1988, two years after its launch:

And before it turned into "Power 106" in 1986, the station was adult contemporary "Magic 106." Here's an unusual ad starring the band Fear -- with Lee Ving telling you why you shouldn't listen. (Fear did similar ads for various AC stations across the country.)

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