Monday, April 26, 2010

Richard Branson's Favorite L.A. Weekend: What, No Hovercraft?

This is the best that billionaire Richard Branson can do for the Los Angeles Times' infamous "My Favorite Weekend" column?

There are two types of celebs who show up in this long-running Times column: Either hipsters who attempt to name every Silver Lake bar and "fake Eastside" attraction, or the slightly out-of-touch celeb naming spots that were hot a decade ago. Branson is most definitely the latter.

Branson's perfect weekend in L.A.? Trips to the Skybar at the Mondrian, the Chateau Marmont, Hollywood Blvd. and Runyon Canyon.

Borrr-ing. Branson's the self-titled "Rebel Billionaire," right? What, no top-secret recipes for a perfect weekend, like jet pack rides, skyscraper bungee jumping or hang gliding off the Hollywood sign?

Unless... this is all Branson's way of hinting that he has a time machine, and is traveling back to 1999 Los Angeles, when the Skybar was relevant...

(Flickr pic by Simon Robling.)

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