Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Move Over, House of Davids: There's a New Tacky Home Champ

When it comes to taste, there's good, there's bad... and then there's "Youngwood Court."

Also known as the "House of Davids," the Hancock Park home is notorious for its design motif -- namely, that Michelangelo has apparently barfed on the front yard.

(Flickr pic by Donielle.)

Now... has "Youngwood Court" owner Norwood Young brought his design ethos further East? Or was an East Hollywood resident simply inspired to play copycat?

Either way, another home -- found on Virgil -- is flying the cheese flag proudly. A few shots:

Young may have an intellectual property suit on his hands. Can two horrifying homes of this ilk exist in the same city? This is a trend that terrifies me greatly... let's hope other homes follow suit!

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