Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Last Week's Weird Comic Strip Crossover

This is strange... after years of knocking the treacle that is "Family Circus" (and enjoying the parodies, such as the The Nietzsche Family Circus, I've got some newfound respect for the comic.

In particular, it looks like cartoonist Jeff Keane, who's now handling the strip for father Bil, has a sense of humor about it all. That's because he recently played along with "Pearls without Swine" cartoonist Stephan Pastis, who has made a habit of breaking the fourth wall in his strip. Pastis regularly coordinates non-sequitur gags with other comics to run the same day -- making for a unique gag in papers where both strips run.

But "Family Circus" would seem to be an unlikely partner in crime for Pastis, whose strip is everything "Family Circus" isn't: Edgy, rude... and, well, funny.

Above, here's how the two strips looked last week -- at least L.A. Times comics readers saw both, even if they were left scratching their heads.

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