Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Overnight Trip to the Land of Legos

Now that he's 5, Blogger Kid is suddenly in the sweet spot for a lot of things we could previously ignore -- including Legoland.

For the longest time, Evan believed that the Lego retail store at the Glendale Galleria was, indeed, "Legoland." And perhaps we could have kept him believing that -- and letting him tell his little preschool pals that yes, indeed, he had been to Legoland. Many times.

But the truth was eventually going to come out. And besides, I must admit I've been intrigued over the idea of a Legoland theme park as well. (My parents just recently shipped my old box of Legos to Blogger Kid, greatly expanding his collection.)

Earlier this year we finally made the journey to Carlsbad, where the California Legoland is located -- and followed a few theme park rules: (A) Never go on a weekend and (B) try to go during the off-season.

As a result, the park wasn't too packed, allowing us to hop from ride to ride with little wait. The rides themselves were perfectly suited for little ones between 4 and 11, although kids older than that may find themselves a tad bored. For Evan, the park was just right.

In the end, Evan's favorite part of Legoland wasn't a ride at all, but rather the miniature replicas of New York, Washington, San Francisco and Las Vegas. (He especially got a kick out of the operating Lego subway seen below the Gotham skyline.) Sadly, Los Angeles only gets love for Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Bowl and Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Under the suggestion of our friends Jeff and Jess, we stayed at the nearby West Inn and Suites, where the rooms are large and the breakfast is free.

Will we be back at Legoland and the West Inn? I can pretty much assure you we will, several times, before both Blogger Kid and Blogger Baby grow out of the target demo.

A round up of shots from our day at Legoland:

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