Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #227: Colori Kitchen

Restaurant: Colori Kitchen

Location: 429 W. 8th St. (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Italian

We stipulated: Looking for a comfortable spot for lunch downtown, Colori fit the bill. It's Italian comfort food with a twist.

They stipulated: "Featuring the inspired, bravissimo cooking of Luigi Barducci Contessi, longtime executive chef at Ca Brea, the warm and welcoming
brick-walled restaurant features delicious pastas, soups, salads, fish
and meat dishes, plus traditional Italian deserts."

What we ordered: pasta with beef stew (special), $14; eggplant rigatoni with mozzarella ($12)

High point: We liked the uniqueness of the specials. Pasta and beef stew? Kinda odd idea. Yet it worked (perhaps the olives helped as well, giving it a tangy, hearty taste). The eggplant rigatoni was also solid.

Low point: Except that the mozarella was a little too cold, and didn't quite melt on the rigatoni the way it should.

Overall impression: Good prices (there are lunch specials as well) and nice addition to that area (next to the famed Golden Golpher). Nice touch, too, with the bread and hummus as a starter snack.

Chance we'll go back: It's a possibility, when we're in downtown, particularly on a weekend; Colori seems like a place that we could bring the kids.

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