Monday, July 12, 2010

Find A New Home for the DWP Festival of Lights

What's the deal, Tom LaBonge?

Just a few months ago, we were raving over the councilman, whom we spotted collecting trash outside our church on Easter Sunday.

And there's also his endearing habit of passing out pumpkin bread as made by the cloistered nuns in Hollywood.

But then came LaBonge's decision to pick a fight with the food trucks. Not cool, Tom, leave Kogi and its pals alone!

And now, he's canceled the DWP Festival of Lights. broke word of the decision:

Unfortunately, this isn’t some sort of mandate against the DWP for rate hikes and an aversion to accountability and transparency, but simply a matter of practicality. From LaBonge’s weekly update: “Due to the cost and amount of time need to halt a major construction project – the installation of a major water line, the River Supply Conduit – as well as the installation of the new zoo parking lot, it is in the public’s best interest to cancel this year’s event.”

However, LaBonge still hopes for “an alternative location for this great, free, family-friendly event,” and to contact his office if you have any ideas.

I know, the Festival of Lights is kinda cheesy -- and definitely not worth waiting in your car for. (We traditionally walk it.) But it's a tradition, and it'll be sad to see it missing this year. Any ideas on where the festival of lights can relocate?

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