Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #228: Ricky's Fish Tacos

Restaurant: Ricky's Fish Tacos

Location: 1400 N. Virgil (Los Feliz)

Type of restaurant: Taco stand

We stipulated: For a lunch over the holiday weekend, I wanted something that would provide a brief vacation in my mouth. Sites like Pat Saperstein's Eating L.A. had raved about Ricky's... and I had to try the "Authentic Ensenada Style Fish Tacos" myself.

They stipulated: Ricky's isn't a restaurant, but rather a mobile taco stand. Embrace the simplicity. The menu has two items: fresh fish or shrimp tacos. Drinks include aqua frescas such as a watermelon juice.

What we ordered: Fish tacos ($2.50 each); watermelon juice ($1)

High point: Wow. The batter on the fish, fried in front of your eyes. The fresh salsas. The crema. The huge portions. The whole package is incredible.

Low point: Seating is limited, and Ricky's can be hard to find. Just look for the crowd.

Overall impression: I've never been to Ensenada, or Baja, period. But after biting into a Ricky's fish taco, I felt like I had. Sitting there, next to busy Virgil and across the street from Albertson's, I was nonetheless transported to a secluded beach. Now, if they would only be able to serve cerveza...

Chance we'll go back: Without a doubt. I would hit Ricky's once a week if I could... and maybe I will.

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