Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #230: Golden State

(Flickr pic by aharvey2k.)

Restaurant: The Golden State

Location: 426 N. Fairfax (Fairfax)

Type of restaurant: American

(Flickr pic by aharvey2k.)

We stipulated: I was meeting up with someone for a work lunch... and I thought Golden State would appeal to his taste, especially thanks to its burger and sausage menu. I'd been wanting to try it to, so I was glad he was up for it.

They stipulated: "The Golden State is a talent show for the best makers of food and drink in California. We love Samir's food. We love Scoops gelato. We love breweries like Craftsman and wineries like Topanga Vineyards. We think products like these deserve a stage of their own. California is an easy place to love. It's where we grew up. It's what we know. And it tastes very good."

(Flickr pic by tannazie.)

What I ordered: turkey burger (ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, housemade aioli and ketchup) with a side order of jalapeno cabbage slaw -- $10. Virgil's Root Beer on draught -- $3.

(Flickr pic by aharvey2k.)

High point: Golden State offers quite a nice sauce selection for its burgers and sausages. Also: dug the spiciness of the jalapeno slaw. Love the fact that the root beer on tap is Virgil's. And the toppings to the burger -- such as red pepper -- added quite a bit of zest to the overall package.

Low point: The burger was strong, but the bun was surprisingly weak. And loved the Virgil's on draught, but overall the soda selection was limited.

Overall impression: Any place that offers up ice cream made by Scoops can't be half-bad.

Chance we'll go back: Yes, a return trip is on my agenda.

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