Monday, July 05, 2010

Would You Eat a Spam Taco?

I love spam musubi. And I love tacos.

But should those two foods be combined in some sort of Hawaiian/Mexican love child?

L.A. Weekly's Squid Ink blog writes that the L&L Drive Inn franchisee in Eagle Rock (on York) is testing a spam taco:

(The taco consists of) the canned ham product smothered in kimchee sauce and wrapped in a tortilla. It's what L&L is calling their gogi tacos, or Mexi-Hawaiian fusion tacos.

Besides Spam, the tacos, which sell for $1.50 each, come in beef, chicken, Kahlua pig, short rib and katsu. You can add a red sauce made with kimchee and Sriracha hot chili sauce, or a green sauce made with tomatillos and jalapeƱos.

I would think you'd need to add a little rice in there too. I dunno, I may pass on this one...

(Pic: L.A. Weekly. Thanks to JustJenn for the tip.)

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