Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Help a Franklin Avenue Reader Out: Birthday Advice

A reader writes in, looking for retro-themed birthday ideas:

So last year my friend had the best birthday party. We went prom dress bowling. It was awesome, and I loved it.

This year for my birthday I want to do something just as quirky and fun. I'm pretty sure I'd like to make it retro themed, specifically 30's - 40's, but the only 3 things I could come up with were ice skating (the music wouldn't match and it would ruin the mood for me), swing dancing (but my friend pointed out I'm the only one who really knows how, and it would be super hard for the guys to just pick up), and going to Cafe 50's (nothing wrong with that, just kinda boring).

So I guess my question is: what kind of retro themed fun stuff would be going on the evening of Friday, October 1st in the Los Angeles Area? I don't really just want to go to a concert, either. The more unusual, the better! Also,hopefully no more than $10 cover charge. For reference, I adore the Cicada Club, so anything like that is up my alley. Any ideas, particularly with people in the rockabilly/ pin up/ swing dance community would be fabulous! thanks!

Given her price restrictions, that seems to limit things. I would suggest perhaps the Museum of Neon Art's neon cruise -- which includes free-flowing booze, after all. But it's on Saturday, Oct. 2, so she'd have to move it a day. Perhaps an evening at downtown's Crocker Club, Redwood Bar or P.E. Cole's? Tiki Ti or downtown's new Trader Vic's? But that might not be exciting enough. Perhaps she should check to see what's happening in Chinatown that night.

Add your suggestions below, and help a fellow Franklin Avenue reader out!

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