Tuesday, September 07, 2010

CBS' Los Angeles Web Site Launches in Beta Mode

CBS Local Media has started unveiling its new string of local websites, including CBS Los Angeles, which launched last week.

The new site, currently in beta, is part of CBS Local Media's efforts to combine its local TV and radio (specifically, news/talk/sports outlets) operations in different markets. CBS Los Angeles, for example, utilizes KCBS-TV, KCAL-TV, newsradio KNX-AM and talker KFWB-AM.

CBS also just launched a CBS New York site, which is in Beta mode as well.

Among the features of the new site: Content from local bloggers. The site Gastronomy, for example, just sent its list of L.A.'s best fried chicken.

The instant verdict: This makes CBS Los Angeles sound a lot like NBC's local blogs (including NBC Los Angeles), which relaunched last year. Both boast a heavy dose of lifestyle and entertainment news and info. But CBS' site at least still has a dedicated spot for local news, whereas you've got to really hunt to find a whole docket of news on NBC Los Angeles.

We'll have more on the CBS Local Media strategy in the coming days.

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