Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Month Until Halloween: The Spooky Fanatics in Glendale

Peter Montgomery loves Halloween. I mean, the guy loves Halloween in an elaborate way.

For 15 years, Montgomery has decorated his Glendale home in an increasingly complicated and expensive manner. In 2008, he created a steam train barreling out of his house (above). And this year, Montgomery is plotting a "very large and elaborate steampunk inspired drilling machine."

Montgomery's "Annual Suburban ScareFest" attracts big crowds and has become an obsession for the special effects artist. But this year, he's asking for some help. Go to his SoCal Halloween website for more details.

Montgomery isn't the only Halloween fanatic in Glendale; our little suburb seems to *really* love its Halloween. Over the last few decades, the city's Geneva St. has been considered "Halloween Town" and the must-see stop for elaborate Halloween displays.

Here's one home's rendition last year of Michael Jackson's "Thriller":

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