Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #232: The Foundry on Melrose

Restaurant: The Foundry on Melrose

Location: 7465 Melrose Ave (West Hollywood)

Type of restaurant: American

We stipulated: With my parents in town, Maria and I were primed for date night. But we were also ill-prepared. The movie pickings were slim over Labor Day weekend -- a bummer since we so rarely see films. Instead, we decided to do dinner. I was leaning toward Church & State, but that spot didn't have any tables available until late. On the other hand, I still had a Blackboard Eats discount for The Foundry on Melrose, which -- according to Internet sites -- had extended the deal into September.

They stipulated: "Chef Eric Greenspan offers a limited, ever-changing ala carte menu, blending bold flavors, perfect technique and creative touches that reflect the American, French, and Spanish influences on his career."

What we ordered: Rum Glazed Pork Belly (plantain / chorizo / cilantro lime salad, $16); Mike: Tea Poached Yellowtail (soy onion risotto / candied ginger / roasted lemon, $29); Maria: The "Patio Season" Burger (cheddar / hawaiian bread / summer condiments, $12)

High point: The pork belly was tasty -- and the perfect appetizer to share -- while Maria's cocktail (The Madagastarr -- Starr Rum / Tuaca / fresh lime juice, $10) was just a subtle sweetness.

Low point: Remember that Blackboard Eats discount? Despite what was written online, the Foundry didn't accept it. So after deciding to head to the Foundry, our whole reason to trek out to Melrose was pointless. And even worse, the waitress promised that the chef would make it up to us by giving us a little something extra. Nope, didn't ever come.

Overall impression: The food's good, but the Foundry, which opened in 2007, seems to be slipping. Maria's burger was just a little too burnt (tasty, but the outer layer of the burger was a bit too crunchy). And the Yellowtail was decent, but the risotto a little to buttery.

Chance we'll go back: I didn't mind the Foundry, but there are too many other restaurants out there to try. I don't see the Foundry making it back to our list, unless we're there to attend an event or someone else picks it out for dinner.

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