Tuesday, October 26, 2010

According to the Village Voice, the Best of New York is in Los Angeles

The Village Voice's annual Best of New York issue went with quite an unusual cover shot: Los Angeles.

In what must have been a big stock photo mistake, the cover's backdrop features Corleone Pizza -- located on 7th Street in Los Angeles' Jewelry District. I've emailed the Village Voice to get details, but haven't heard back.

This isn't the first time Corleone Pizza has doubled as New York; the location was also seen a few seasons back in "Mad Men."

LA Observed reported on the bizarre cover last week via Digital Emunction, which wrote:

See the pizza joint? That’s Cor­leone Pizza. I remem­ber the place. It’s in freak­ing Los Ange­les! Down­town, in the jew­elry dis­trict. I walked passed it the last time I was in town. I guess the ques­tion here is why is there a pic­ture of Los Ange­les on the cover of the Vil­lage Voice’s “Best of NYC 2010” issue? Good one, Voice!

Here's hoping the L.A. Weekly responds next year by using a shot of a taco stand... that turns out to be in Brooklyn!

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