Monday, October 25, 2010

Scenes from a Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon

The very thought of a marathon scares me. How do all of you runners do it? I mean, seriously, 26.2 miles and you're done in five hours? What. The Great Los Angeles Walk, all 16 miles of it, takes all day. (Granted, we take our time looking at the sites during the Walk. And eating.)

But a half-marathon? With live music at every turn? That sounds a tad more doable. (Until you say "13.1 miles." But I digress.) I may have to consider dropping my longtime fear of long-distance running to give the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon a try next time.

The inaugural event in L.A. was held this Sunday, and took place near Franklin Avenue HQ. (We actually had to alter our normal Hyperion route to mass at St. Casimir's and our Sunday morning grocery run at the Silver Lake Trader Joe's because of closed streets).

As we exited Trader Joe's, we walked up to the Hyperion/Rowena intersection to watch the taiko drummers perform as runners turned the corner.

The half-marathon began in Griffith Park and went through Atwater Village, Silver Lake and Echo Park on the way to Downtown. It was the first-ever event in L.A., but already takes place in 17 other cities.

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