Monday, November 15, 2010

License Plate of the Day, the 'Whatever Happened To?' Edition

When we last saw the Honda Civic with the plates "Boner 79," it was February 2009 and Franklin Avenue reader Heidi sent us a photo for our License Plate of the Day feature.

Like us, she wondered whether the plates had anything to do with "Boner Stabone" from "Growing Pains."

Sadly, the actor who played Boner, Andrew Koenig, died earlier this year.

Nope, the person who owns this Civic didn't play "Boner" on TV, he/she is just a bonehead.

And here's proof. Someone just sent us the link to this video -- featuring the "Boner 79" car and some terrible parking:

By the way, "Boner 79" appears to get around. Here's some one else's blog post about the plate, from March. And someone on Flickr posted yet another pic of the license plate here.

Thanks to Steve Agee for the link, sorry about your truck!

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