Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rally in Atwater Village? Nah, It's a "Law & Order: LA" Shoot

The scene Monday in Atwater Village, above. Wait, isn't the election over? And I don't remember a "Prop. 128" marriage equality debate. (And isn't Atwater Village more Ground Zero for the marijuana debate?)

"Law & Order: Los Angeles" took its ripped-from-the-headlines formula to Atwater Village on Monday, where a fake rally was staged in front of a very real store front. Even the fake local news and the fake LAPD were a part of the scene.

Law and Order: LA shoot in Atwater Village

"Channel 7 KPPQ." Wonder why "Law & Order" doesn't up the realism by using a real truck from KNBC/Channel 4. (And why use "Channel 7" on the fake truck, when the real L.A. Channel 7 is a rival of NBC4?)

Now here's better attention to detail: The fake rally even gets a fake Spanish TV station to cover it: "KQQW 18." Shout-out to the "Law & Order: LA" designers for putting together a realistic TV station logo here.

Law and Order: LA shoot in Atwater Village
The crowd wide shot was filmed via a camera in the center divider. Hey, perhaps my car got in a shot.

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