Monday, December 27, 2010

Choice Cuts: Franklin Avenue's Favorite Tracks of 2010, Part 1

In no particular order, we've selected the favorite tracks from this year's monthly playlists for our ninth annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. I'll be revealing them throughout the week. And now, the first three:

1. "Fair Game" -- The Like

There's a lot to like about The Like. Yes, they're the daughters of industry vets (including group founders Elizabeth "Z" Berg, the daughter of a former Geffen exec, and Tennessee Thomas, the daughter of Elvis Costello's drummer. But these women can craft some seriously catchy pop -- and "Fair Game" is irresistible.

2. You! Me! Dancing! -- Los Campesinos!

This feel-good Los Campesinos! track is actually three years old. But I just discovered it this year, and got instantly hooked. I dare you to listen to this track without tapping your toes. (The video's pretty cool too; the song doesn't actually begin until more than a minute in, but it's well worth a watch.)

3. Lose It (In The End) -- Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface Killah

Fresh off Mark Ronson's third album, "Record Collection," this jam's short but powerful, a great use of Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald juxtaposed with Wu Tang's Ghostface Killah.

More tomorrow!

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