Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Recap: Janelle Monae, The Roots and Yes, Mick Jagger, Own the Night

Maria and I were able to attend last night's Grammy ceremony, and I don't know how it played at home (live music is tough to translate on the small screen), but there were some pretty great performances at the show. The Janelle Monae/B.o.B./Bruno Mars mashup and the acoustic corner led by Mumford & Sons and the Avett Bros. (joined by Bob Dylan) were my favorites, while Maria enjoyed Mick Jagger's tribute to Solomon Burke. And Rihanna's performance with Eminem was standout.

Afterward, we were treated to the Roots, Philly's legendary hardworking crew who put on quite a show for the industry crowd.

The Roots' Black Thought on the mic at the Grammys afterparty.

A few more thoughts, as sent via Twitter last night:

-- "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum beats out some great tracks for record of the year. Sorry, but it's not the best record of the year by a long shot.

--What will it take to make you smile, Eminem?

-- Wow, I guess the "people we've heard of" vote was split between Bieber, Florence, Drake and Mumford. (At least winner Esperanza Spalding put the beat down on Mr. Bieber.)

--So did Gaga grab that ponytail at a Madonna "Blonde Ambition" yard sale?

--This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. This is Lady Gaga wearing your brain while walking the Grammys red carpet.

And yes, here's that KCBS clip of reporter Serene Branson that is flying virally around the world right now. Cue autotune remix in 3, 2...

UPDATE: Here's the KCBS statement on Branson's condition: "Serene Branson was examined by paramedics on scene immediately after her broadcast. Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home and she says that she is feeling fine this morning."

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