Thursday, February 17, 2011

Justin Bieber Tackles The Issues You Care About Most

Inspired by Rolling Stone's cover story on Justin Bieber -- in which the world finally learns the teenybopper's stance on subjects such as abortion -- I uncovered a few more Bieber factoids.

Compiled from my Twitter feed yesterday:

BIEBER ON HOMELESSNESS: "Can't they just, like, get an apartment or something?"

BIEBER ON TRAFFIC: "Can't people just, like, drive faster?"

BIEBER ON GAS PRICES: "Can't they just, like, dig up more gas?"

BIEBER ON WEATHER: "Can't they just, like, extend summer one more month?"

BIEBER ON THE BORDERS BANKRUPTCY FILING: "Can't they just, like, sell more books?"

BIEBER ON THE COLA WARS: "I'm, like, too young to fight."

BIEBER ON AIRPORT SAFETY: "Should you, like, fly with a beard?"

BIEBER ON BORDER SECURITY: "Didn't you, like, already ask me about Borders?"

BIEBER ON OUTSOURCING: "I, like, support India. I played at their Morongo casino."

BIEBER ON THE AUTO BIZ: "I'm, like, a big fan of Eminem."

BIEBER ON MOVIE PIRACY: "I'm, like, totally a Captain Jack Sparrow fan."

BIEBER ON SPACE POLICY: "I so think we need to blow up asteroids."

BIEBER ON HUMAN RIGHTS: "I totally think humans are the best. Suck it, animals!"

BIEBER ON GLOBAL WARMING: "I wear SPF 50, so I'm all good."

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