Friday, February 18, 2011

KCBS' Serene Branson Makes The Media Rounds

KCBS reporter Serene Branson made the interview rounds on Thursday, chatting with her own station's Pat Harvey, as well as joining Julie Chen on the set of CBS' daytime chat show "The Talk."

I suppose it makes sense that KCBS/Channel 2 would play up the return of Branson; her Grammy night speech flub has been seen around the world, making the reporter one of the Internet's latest viral sensations. The possibility that she experienced a minor stroke on air added to the bizarre nature of the event, although doctors now say Branson's speech was the result of a migraine incident.

There's definite interest in her story... still, it's strange to see KCBS go from being tight-lipped about Branson to touting their exclusive (of course) interview with her (the station led its newscast on Thursday with Harvey's sitdown with Branson). It's also a bit strange that KCBS mentions how the Branson news clip went viral on YouTube without adding that CBS invoked its copyright to pull those clips down.

KCBS says of Branson's 'medical emergency':
“My head was definitely pounding and I was very uncomfortable and I knew something wasn’t right,” Branson told Harvey. “I was terrified and confused. Confused. What had just happened? At that point they sat me down, then my right cheek went numb. My right hand went numb and I lost some sensation in my arm.”

Tests conducted by Branson’s doctor confirmed that she had suffered a migraine and that the symptoms — dizziness, nausea and garbled speech – mimic a stroke. Since the broadcast, Branson has also learned that the migraines are hereditary and that her mother also suffers from them.

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