Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Candy Everybody Wants

Maria and I keep it simple during the holidays. No crazy big, expensive gifts. We don't need much, and if we did, we'd just buy it. (Well, maybe. We haven't bought a new car yet. Or an iPad. Two things we've been wanting forever.) Instead, we've got a cap on gifts, and it's actually more fun to find little things (mostly food, of course) that we know will mean something to the other person.

Maria, for example, got me a bottle of habanero pepper hot sauce, among other things. And among my gifts to her? The gift of bacon.

Bacon fat, smoked Spanish paprika and fleur de sel, to be exact. The limited edition caramels were created by homemade candy creators Morning Glory Confections.

I was so enchanted by the idea of bacon fat caramels that I played phone tag with Morning Glory's Max Lesser for days, and finally managed to arrange the transaction in front of my house (while Maria was distracted). Max had created the treats for Artisnal LA, but had one batch left. I was the lucky purchaser.

Morning Glory specializes in brittle, with flavors such as Cocoa Nib, Coffee Bean & Pecan; Indian Curry & Pistachio; New Mexico Chili & Pumpkin Seed; and Thai Curry & Peanut. It's good stuff.

Oh, and the bacon fat caramels? Maria was kind enough to share. But trust me, they were gone fast.

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