Monday, March 28, 2011

Live Like the Bluths: A Saturday Afternoon On Balboa Island

It was a Saturday worthy of "Arrested Development." We visited the setting of the late, lamented comedy (although it wasn't shot there) -- Newport Beach and Balboa Island -- and yes, it's true: They do love their frozen bananas there. We failed to run into any Bluths, however.

Located off of Jamboree Road and accessible only by ferry or a single bridge, Balboa Island is a dense, 0.2 square-mile destination popular for its mom-and-pop shops as well as boating and its vacation rentals (as well as those bananas, as referenced on the show). We spent the night this weekend in Newport Beach and decided to visit the island, and were indeed charmed. (Homes go for millions of dollars on Balboa Island, so yes, it's strictly a place to visit.)

Balboa Island post office

Starfish, found near the water

Blogger Kid and cousins walk along the water

One of many personal piers

Cow guards over a shop

Painter gets in a bit of inspiration before the sun sets

Dad's Frozen Banana Stand. Don't like bananas? The "Balboa" bar is a square of ice cream covered in chocolate and sprinkles.

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