Friday, March 18, 2011

Los Angeles Fire and Rescue Team Flies to Japan (VIDEO)

Via the website Airboyd comes this video below of relief aid and Los Angeles Fire and Rescue Team members shipping off for Japan.

According to Airboyd, the video (shot by 4th Combat Camera Squadron/SMSgt. David Smith) shows a C-17A arriving at March Air Reserve Base (formerly Air Force Base) near Riverside to upload 11 pallets of equipment and 3 personnel from Los Angeles Fire and Rescue Team. Aircraft departs and flies direct to Misawa Air Base in Japan to support the relief efforts:

And here's the other end. Video from the American Forces Network (AFN) at Misawa Air Base (200 miles north of Sendai) of the Los Angeles Fire and Rescue (as well as a fire/rescue team from Fairfax, Va.) landing.

What's interesting here is how quickly all of this went down: One of the L.A. fire/rescue members asks where they are.. while the military personnel seen on camera tells the volunteers that they may know more than he does, as the electricity at Misawa had just been restored:

Speaking of Misawa, here's video from the base's AFN bureau immediately after the quake. I love the beginning shot with the kids, describing the quake, when the giant voice of the base command starts talking:

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