Friday, March 04, 2011

Rate-A-Restaurant #240: Tinga

Restaurant: Tinga Taqueria

Location: 142 South La Brea Avenue (3rd/Fairfax/La Brea)

Type of restaurant: Tacos

We stipulated: I was meeting up with Just Jenn for lunch, and in charge of picking the place. Can't go wrong with a new taco joint, and I had read some pretty good reviews online. (One blogger even deemed it the best tacos she'd ever had. That seems a bit too thick, but one blogger's "best tacos ever" must still be in the range of "really good tacos," right?)

What we ordered:
TINGA - two tostadas with spicy stewed chicken, crema, shredded lettuce, pickled red onion, $7.50

PECHUGA - lemon brined chicken breast, salsa verde, Potatoes and queso fresco $6.50

High point: The signature Tinga tostada was quite tasty, with the right amount of spice. (Actually, who am I kidding? I'd love more spice. But still good.) The salsa that came with the chips was also solid.

Low point: More chips, please!

Overall impression: Much like Eagle Rock's Cacao eatery, I can approve of a fast casual taco joint expanding the definition of what can go on top of a tortilla. Tasty, and while a tad pricy, not overboard.

Chance we'll go back: I don't see many opportunities to do so, particularly once my office moves. But I would like to try everything on the menu... so it's quite possible.

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