Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dodger Thoughts On the 'McCourt Mall of Horrors'

Whenever there's big news on the Dodgers front, I immediately click over to Dodger Thoughts -- where I know Franklin Avenue pal Jon Weisman will have a thoughtful, eloquent take on whatever's going on. And in the case of Wednesday's bombshell announcement -- Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig's decision to take control of the Dodgers operation -- Jon indeed had a lot to say.

An excerpt:

As I walked through all the different stories about today's news, as if I were a shopper in a McCourt Mall of Horrors, I found myself thinking about the person whose name has been in the news, top of mind, every day this month until today: Bryan Stow.

The Giants fan whose horrifying beating in the gloaming of Opening Day in the Dodger Stadium parking lot March 31 will not be found on any McCourt spreadsheet. The severity of the event, sadly enough, wasn't even unprecedented in Dodger Stadium history.

But in the days after it occurred, as you felt the groundswell of horror and shame sweep through the world of the Dodgers - an emotional wave that only gained momentum with McCourt's initial public declaration that nothing could have been done to prevent it - I began to feel that Stow's beating, more than any rising parking fees, inconsistent spending on players or appalling revelations of greed in court documents related to McCourt's divorce from wife Jamie, was the baseball world's "Network" moment.

It was just too ugly, and people weren't going to take it anymore.
Read the whole thing here.

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