Monday, May 23, 2011

Hollywood's Tacky House of Davids Hits the Market

The House of Davids (also known as Youngwood Court), of course, is legendary for its bad taste. And owner Norwood Young, despised by his neighbors for keeping such gaudiness on public display, appears to revel in its tackiness.

But the golden age of Davids could be drawing to an end. Well, depending on who purchases the house, which Young has put on the market for $2.4 million.

The cool part of all this: The listing finally gives us a peek into the inside of the house. And yes, it's as cheesy as you'd expect. Curbed LA has the details:

There are fake dogs everywhere, the dining room furniture is invisible and hanging from the ceiling, and there are either oversized chairs in the foyer or the foyer is tiny. The house has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 19 David replicas on its front lawn. R&B singer Norwood Young has lived, decorated, and pissed off the neighbors on Muirfield Street since the nineties.

(Flickr pic by Donielle.)

1 comment:

Martin said...

Man, this house looks like old French Palace! That must be so expensive. Do you know its precise price on the real-estate market after the crisis?

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