Thursday, May 26, 2011

Local Media: Worth $415 Million in April

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Radio-Info's Tom Taylor reports on a new study from analyst Jim Boyle, who used Media Monitors data to figure out that agencies spent more than $415 million in April on Los Angeles-area TV, newspaper and radio.

Here's more:

The data shows this breakout – the top nine TV stations, led by KABC-TV’s $51 million, hauled in $285 million. The top two newspapers did $85 million, with the Tribune Company-owned L.A. Times doing $70 million.

The top 20 radio stations did $38 million. That list was led by CBS Radio’s modern rock KROQ at $2.94 million and Clear Channel CHR KIIS-FM at $2.48 million. A station Boyle identifies only as an “FM Spanish AC” did an impressive $2.24 million, and an “FM Mexican” station did $2.2 million.

Another way to slice the baguette is to look at total number of spots. The top 10 cable systems ran 223,500 spots in April. The top 9 local TV outlets ran 198,900. The two newspapers did a combined 2,800 ads. And the top 20 radio stations were clocked with 198,000 spots.

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