Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rate-A-Restaurant #250: Hash House a Go Go

Restaurant: Hash House a Go Go

Location: 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S (Las Vegas)

Type of restaurant: Breakfast

We stipulated: We were in Vegas for our first time in more than five years, but with the kids in tow -- so we wanted to try a new place for breakfast that was also kid-friendly. Maria's friend suggested the Imperial Palace outpost of San Diego's Hash House a Go Go.

They stipulated: Executive Chef, Creator & Founder Craig "Andy" Beardslee's mission: "To keep the fun in food while pulling from the experiences of farm fresh agriculture, live stock, and old recipes with a twist."

What we ordered: Sage Fried Chicken and Hardwood Bacon Waffles Crowned with Fried Leeks and a Maple Reduction. ($15.95)

Kids' "Farmer's Delight" -- cinnamon banana pancake with eggs and bacon ($6.95)

High point: The chicken and waffles combo was great -- nice touch of bacon inside the waffle (my heart thanks you). But the real surprise was the kids' dish -- which honestly, was the proper size for a grown adult.

Low point: I didn't see any smoking going on inside the restaurant, but the Imperial Palace (where this location is based) has such a caked-in smoke smell from its years of service that it can't be avoided. And coming from L.A., you can't help but be noticed and bothered by it.

Hash House a Go Go

Overall impression: I'm glad we were warned about the massive portion sizes. Maria and I easily shared the chicken with waffles, while the boys easily split the kids' dish, with some to spare. You're in Vegas on vacation, so why cart out leftovers that you'll never eat? Split a dish, and suddenly it's a great breakfast bargain.

Hash House a Go Go

Chance we'll go back:  Quite possibly if we're back in Vegas -- but we'll check out the location at the newer M Resort, where I'm thinking the smoking smell isn't as caked in.

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PDQ said...

I just stumbled across this review. There's another Hash House on W. Sahara - West of I-15. If you have a car while you're in Vegas, I'd recommend it over the locations that are in the casinos. This one is populated by locals and you get much better service. And there's plenty of parking too!

They also have a location in San Diego.

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