Friday, June 17, 2011

Rate-A-Restaurant #253: The Edison

Restaurant: The Edison

Location: 108 West 2nd Street (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Bar/Speakeasy


We stipulated: Maria and I were in downtown for the Last Remaining Seats, and looking for a place to grab a quick bite and drink before the movie. Because this screening was being held at the Million Dollar Theatre, we were close to 2nd Street -- and Maria had never been to the Edison. Mission accomplished.

They stipulated: "By creating living history, Andrew Meieran's award-winning design celebrates an era of invention and imagination -- the blending of science, art and industry. The space retains many of its architectural and mechanical artifacts from its history as Downtown LA's first private power plant. The design combines styles ranging from Art Nouveau to Industrial Gothic in order to create a lavish Industrial Cathedral -- a space that needs to be experienced more than just seen."


What we ordered: It was happy hour (5 to 7 p.m., Wednesday through Friday), so we took advantage of the 35 cent martini, and several $5 specials: Kobe beef burger, calamari ("Electric Company squid") and "Singapore wings." All came with "Tesla fries" (sweet potato fries)


High point: The Happy Hour prices. We were able to dine for $20.

Low point: The confusion over where to sit. There were "reserved" signs on every table -- and most of those tables were empty. We finally just took a seat and promised the waitress that we'd be out by 8.

Overall impression: The Edison is a spot you want to show off to folks who still don't believe in the downtown renaissance. It's a magnificent place, and the happy hour can't be beat. Even the circa 1900 silent films they flicker on the wall lend themselves to an air of history and intrigue (well, except for the one with the blackface. Yikes. Maybe remove that one.)


Chance we'll go back:  I'd say it's a great spot to meet downtown with friends or with out-of-towners, particularly for happy hour. So yes.

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