Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Richard Anrom Re-Creates His Famed Guerilla Freeway Piece '5 North'

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For eight years, Richard Ankrom's guerilla art installation "5 North" guided motorists on the 110 in downtown as they figured out, well, how to find the 5 North. Ankrom made a freeway sign identical to Caltrans' actual signs, and one night in August 2001, installed the sign. The amazing part: Caltrans agreed that the sign was useful, and added addition "5 North" signs throughout the 110 North.

Then, in November 2009, Franklin Avenue Caltrans replaced the signs with brand-new ones. The good news: 5 North was prominently displayed on these signs. The bad news: Ankrom's art was lost. (We were the ones who actual first informed him of the disappearance).

KCET's Departures blog is recounting Ankrom's now-legendary piece of public guerilla art (read here. And above, here's Ankrom re-creating the complexities to make the sign.

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