Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Two Radio Guys Made Good: Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly on Their History Together (VIDEO)

You all know I'm a radio geek. (As a matter of fact, in writing about my Gene Simmons reality panel below, I kept typing "KIIS" instead of "KISS." See? Radio geek.) And I must admit, I have a begrudging respect for Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest, my two archnemeses. Why? Because they pulled off the kind of successful radio careers that I dreamed of having when I was a kid.

In these clips from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Jimmy and Carson recount how they first met -- back when Jimmy was 17 and Carson was 12 -- as well as how Carson was once Jimmy's intern at a radio station in Palm Springs. The fact that both are now late-night network TV hosts is quite astounding.

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