Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing in the Los Angeles River? These Guys Try It

I was sent this video of a couple of guys fishing in the Los Angeles River -- yes, it's actually pretty common; virtually every week when we're biking along the river I see at least one fisherman. But still, it's a bit of a novelty -- and I wouldn't recommend actually eating your catch.

Below, two self-proclaimed Southern guys also hit the Los Angeles River.

Read more about fishing in the L.A. River at the Atwater Village blog here.

One more video from Megan Mccarty, who writes, "The L.A. River, with its concrete banks covered by graffiti, strewn with litter and urban runoff and the constant hum of freeways, train tracks and power lines is not anyone's idea of a natural idyll. Yet a growing community of fly fisherman has grown up along the river, along with a thriving population of fish. Nature is alive and well in this concretized channel.":

L.A. River Fishing from Meghan Mccarty on Vimeo.

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