Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our New Cooking Obsession: Grilled Pizza

Grilled pizza

Looks like we're getting all FOOD NETWORK up in this hizzy. I've been making pizza creations for years using Trader Joe's pizza dough -- but Maria convinced me recently to try it on the grill.

I was skeptical at first... but I'm now a convert. The pizza comes out with a crispy crust, the kind you can never really get in a regular oven. And it's not all that messy.

Grilled pizza

To prepare, I roll out the dough as normal, and slather olive oil on one side. Then I start the grill, and let the dough bake (olive oil side down) for five minutes. Take it off the grill, slather olive oil on top, then flip it and stick it back on the grill (again, olive oil side down). Add your toppings, including cheese, on top... close the grill and cook for another five minutes or so (or until the cheese is just starting to brown). The first few tries were a little uneven on the bottom (a touch black in some places), so just keep monitoring it.

Grilled pizza

Then... it's like having a wood-burning pizza oven. Without the wood burning.

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