Friday, July 01, 2011

Rate-A-Restaurant #254: My Sweet Cupcake

My Sweet Cupcake

Restaurant: My Sweet Cupcake

Location: 954 Mission St. (South Pasadena)

Type of restaurant: Bakery/Cupcakes

We stipulated: We were in South Pasadena for one of our regular go-to adventures with the kids: Taking the Metro Gold Line downtown. Back in South Pasadena, we were walking around and decided to check out My Sweet Cupcake's goods.
They stipulated: My Sweet Cupcake won Food Network's "Cupcake Wars." "My Sweet Cupcake prides themselves on fine ingredients with a touch of homemade flair to make their cupcakes delicious and classic."

My Sweet Cupcake

What we ordered: "Oreo Delight," "Simply Vanilla" cupcakes.

High point: My Sweet Cupcake had just closed, but we must have looked sad otuside the door, because they still let us in and let us buy two of the day's leftover cupcakes.

Low point: Well yeah, it was an end-of-the-day cupcake... which meant that it wasn't quite as fresh.

My Sweet Cupcake

Overall impression: Cute place, cute cupcakes. Does the job if you're in South Pasadena and you're jonesing for a cupcake.

Chance we'll go back:  In a town overrun with cupcake shops, there wasn't anything that memorable about these. (If anything, the cake was a bit dry.) They were OK, but is anyone jonesing for cupcakes anymore? So I'm no so sure.

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