Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Help Bring the Streetcars Back to Downtown Los Angeles


The dream of bringing streetcars back to Downtown -- and in particular, Broadway -- appears to be moving one step closer to reality. Read all about it at Streetsblog here.

Also, Metro's blog, The Source, has details on Tuesday night's public meeting here.

Also, the official Metro web page about the project is here. Notes the folks at Metro:

The Streetcar will provide an invaluable service weaving together various Downtown districts, helping to revitalize Downtown LA's historic core and connecting people to employment centers, shopping districts, civic resources, cultural institutions, historic landmarks and entertainment venues within the project study area.

The Streetcar project will also play a key role in supporting several local development initiatives such as Bringing Back Broadway, the GoLAstreetcar Initiative, planned street improvement plans and proposed design guidelines, to name a few. The Streetcar, in concert with local afforts, will reignite interest in Downtown's historic significance and help stimulate economic revitalization.

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