Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Along the Newly Expanded L.A. River Bike Path

LA River

We wrote a while back about the Franklin Avenue Quartet's weekend family bike rides up and down the L.A. River Bike Path. But that was along the older bike path -- the one that sits alongside the 5 freeway for much of its run.

But last weekend, the Blogger Kid and I decided to explore the newly opened L.A. River Bike Path extension, which travels south from Fletcher to Figueroa. And unlike the original stretch, this portion of the path is away from the freeway -- which means for a calmer, more peaceful and scenic ride.

As a matter of fact, I think this will be our new bike ride. The 2.5 mile extension includes a handful of pocket parks and travels past the back of homes, industrial buildings and more next to the Elysian Valley neighborhood nicknamed "Frogtown."

Our mysterious pal the Militant Angeleno also recently biked along the path and had this to say:

After passing the 2 Freeway overpass, the harsh white-noise roar of cars rushing above soon transitioned into the soothing rush of water and the intermittent quacking of ducks. Ducks? Yes, ducks! Lest you forget, the entire section of Los Angeles River, from Griffith Park to Elysian Valley, lies close to the underground water table, and was therefore never fully paved. The result is a glimpse of the what the River used to be -- and what many hope it will once again become -- replete with islands boasting California Bay Laurel trees protruding from the riverbed, and both native and migratory fauna walking, swimming or flying throughout. There are even mini-rapids where water rushes through rocks in the riverbed, forming calming sounds which soothe the senses. Aromatherapy, anyone?

It is in this section you can witness the Los Angeles River in pure serenity, with only the occasional whoosh and horn blare of a passing Metrolink train across the river interrupting the unexpectedly pastoral setting in the middle of this bustling metropolis.
We're lucky enough to live close by, allowing us to bike through Atwater Village to the bike path. For any of you in the area, it's worth a ride.

A handful of pics from our bike ride:

LA River

At the Marsh Park off the L.A. River bike path


Blogger Kid tries out exercise equipment off the L.A. River bike path

LA River


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