Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Korean Fried Chicken Trend Wanes? BonChon Exits Los Angeles

Drunken Chicken

During the Great Korean Fried Chicken Wars of 2008, we put our support firmly behind Bonchon. (Read our review of rival KyoChon here.

BonChon chicken was meatier, more flavorful and a better deal. But our interest in the Korean Fried Chicken trend eventually waned, and now it looks like BonChon has left Los Angeles entirely. In its place at the Koreatown corner of 6th and Catalina: The renamed "Drunken Chicken." The guy on the phone at "Drunken Chicken" promised us the same menu and cook as the old BonChon... but somehow it doesn't seem the same (and doesn't seem nearly as kid-friendly).

KyoChon still operates locations including one in Koreatown and another at the Glendale Galleria... but honestly, I'm still not as impressed.

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