Saturday, January 07, 2012

Choice Cuts: Franklin Avenue's Favorite Tracks of 2011, Part 3

In no particular order, I've selected the favorite tracks from this year's monthly playlists for our tenth annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. I'm revealing them throughout the week. The next four:

11. "A Long Time (Chromeo Remix)" -- Mayer Hawthorne
Mayer Hawthorne (Andrew Mayer Cohen) boasts a soulful 60s sound; merge it with Chromeo's 80s vibe for the ultimate throwback mashup. I couldn't find a copy of the Chromeo version on YouTube, so here's the original mix.

12. "Sleeping at Night" -- Caught A Ghost
Catchy, soulful tune from Los Angeles band Caught A Ghost, fronted by songwriter/producer Jesse Nolan. It's so catchy, as a matter of fact, that every time "Sleeping at Night" comes on in the car I catch Blogger Kid and Blogger Toddler singing along to the chorus. (For that reason alone, I couldn't resist putting it on the Choice Cuts roundup.)

13. "Barton Hollow" -- The Civil Wars
It's been a big year for the Civil Wars, the Grammy-winning Nashville duo of singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White. The group rode the wave of this year's heavy folk trend (Mumford and Sons, obviously, leading the way as well) and were helped when iTunes promoted "Barton Hollow" as its "free single of the week" last February. Above, here they are on the UK's "Later with Jools Holland."

14. "Moment 4 Life" -- Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake
Going mainstream here. Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" wound up on a lot of top ten singles lists for 2011. But I kind of preferred "Moment 4 Life" and its simple drum beat. "Moment 4 Life" was one of my go-to songs when I wanted to pump in some energy on the long drive home.

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