Friday, January 27, 2012

New Blog Talks to LA Mag Editor Mary Melton

Mary Melton

New L.A. blog Frying Pan News, from advocacy group LAANE and editor Steven Mikulan (formerly of the L.A. Weekly), has launched with a full variety of features, including an interview with our pal Mary Melton, the editor of Los Angeles magazine.

Among the things Mary talks about: How she and her team moved L.A. magazine away from the stereotype of being Westside-centric:

Through engagement. I have a responsibility to educate readers and take them into pockets of the city they wouldn’t see otherwise. This magazine was heavily identified with the Westside, and our goal was to change that. Even if our readers haven’t been to Fillmore or can’t find Bell on a map, they can have an understanding of these places. We have a lot of affluent readers but also people who just moved here and are living in apartments for $1200 a month. Information is really important. You can’t force someone who is not sympathetic to care, but you can present information that can motivate them to care. It’s vitally important to the life of the city to engage. I’m not sure that people don’t want to be engaged, I don’t think they know how.

The February issue of Los Angeles magazine just came in the mail, and I can't wait to dive in -- it deals with one of my favorite topics, "Classic L.A."

As for Frying Pan News, contributors to the new website include local journalist Erin Aubry Kaplan and LAANE communications director Danny Feingold.

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