Monday, January 02, 2012

Post-Holiday in Big Bear

Big Bear

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that a lack of snow has put a real damper on things at Northern California ski resorts like Mammoth. Luckily, that hasn't been the case at Southern California mountain towns such as Big Bear, where enough snow dumped in the late fall that there's still plenty of stuff on the ground (even as temperatures rise).

Regular Franklin Avenue readers know that we generally get our snow fix by jumping on the Angeles Crest Highway (the 2) and driving until we hit snow (usually just past Newcomb's Ranch). But this year, we decided to meet up with some friends and rent a cabin up in Big Bear for an extended snow experience. And we weren't disappointed.

Our cabin, located on a hillside incline, included an adjacent empty lot -- perfect to slide down on our sleds. The kids seemed content with sliding down the hill next to our cabin, which allowed us to bypass the busy mountain attractions (crowded because of the holiday).

The drive to Big Bear on Dec. 26 was a crawl up the mountain, as I think several had the same idea. But the drive down was a breeze. More pics from the mountains:

Big Bear
Kids take in Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear
Stay off the lake. Seriously, not a good idea. The ice is thick, but not that thick.

Our pal Anthony took these shots:




Snow angel

Snowy trees

Crack in lake ice

Big Bear Lake

Kids take in the view

Walking down the bridge


Down the hill with Maria


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