Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #260: Slaw Dogs

Restaurant: The Slaw Dogs

Location: 720 N. Lake Ave., #8 (Pasadena)

Type of restaurant: Hot Dogs

We stipulated: We were in Pasadena to visit the Huntington Library -- but this was right after the big winds, and the Huntington was closed. We decided to treat ourselves to lunch -- and Slaw Dogs popped into mind.

They stipulated: For their gourmet dogs, either order one of 10 special "Slaw Dogs" or build your own.

What we ordered: Mike: Thai slaw dog (above; chicken sausage, spicy peanut-coconut satay dressing, cilantro-carrot slaw, crushed peanuts, siracha aioli) $6.59. Maria: A.B.L.T. dog (below; double bacon, chopped romaine, tomato, avocado, roast garlic aioli) $6.29. Plain hot dog for the kids, $3.49. Belgian fries, $2.99.

High point: Amazing choices and unique selection of hot dogs and sausages, with great tasting buns. Several different kinds of dipping sauce as well (although not homemade).

Low point: The loaded-up dogs are a bit hard to eat. Plus, we found it odd that there was no kid hot dog. And the fries were most certainly "belgian fries" (below).

Overall impression: Good place to bring the kids (what kid doesn't love hot dogs?) and a gourmet way for you to try it as well.

Chance we'll go back: Yes-- there are plenty more dogs to try!


Bo Burger said...

Love this place! I almost always have a burger, however. They have a specials menu, that at least when I was last there, you have to ask about. Those are usually what I get.

Anonymous said...

This would have been way useful the last few weeks...guess I will wait until July TCA

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