Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This Is What Trader Joe's Looks Like After a Holiday

Trader Joe's

New piece of advice: Don't try to shop at Trader Joe's on January 2, no matter how desperate you are for supplies. Apparently the New Year's Day closure was just too much for folks in Silver Lake, because it seemed as if the entire neighborhood decided to grab a cart on Monday evening.

Trader Joe's Silver Lake's parking lot is bad on a light day. On Monday, air traffic controllers were necessary. After waiting 10 minutes for a spot, we managed to get inside -- and found the store fairly picked over. (We somehow grabbed the five last bananas in the entire store.) It obviously didn't help that TJ's suppliers had Sunday off, making Monday deliveries difficult.

Inside the store, every checkout lane was open, and we still had to stand behind two customers, their carts packed to the brim with TJ goodies. If the Mayans were right, Silver Lake folks at least got a good practice on how to make a run on Trader Joe's.

>Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's

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