Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Ditty About L.A. Public Transportation

Boyle Heights-based hardcore band It's Casual has come up with an ode to public transportation in Los Angeles. "The Redline," the first single from the band's upcoming release "The New Los Angeles Part I: Through The Eyes Of A Bus Rider," looks at what it's like to avoid the freeways and take public transportation (and a skateboard) to work. (In real life, It's Casual lead singer Edward Solis doesn't own a car and really does ride public transportation.)

Rick Kosick ("Jackass") shot and directed the video, above. The group's album is released on March 13.


FlyPR_Ilka said...

Band has another cool song posted - Eddie Solis says "this song is taken from the new record and it is also a pro-public transportation track. The EZ transit pass is a regional monthly pass that serves multiple public transportation agencies in SoCal. It's not just limited to the MTA."

Anonymous said...

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