Friday, March 30, 2012

Bonus Retro Friday: Keith Olbermann, L.A. Sports Anchor

Before his battle with Current TV, before his showdown with MSNBC, before his fight with Fox, before his bridge-burning with ESPN, Keith Olbermann was a Los Angeles sports anchor. He spent time at both KTLA and KCBS; here's a sportscast of his on KCBS from 1989.

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Anonymous said...

While he wasn't fired from KTLA, he definitely burned bridges there because he handled his ship-jumping to KCBS in as diplomatic a fashion as he does everything else. If I recall correctly, there was public ugliness about a contract dispute. And while you're right that he quit both KTLA and KCBS, the majority of us in those shops were dee-lighted when he left. I've got 30 years in the industry, worked with some of its most famous nuts and KO still ranks in the #1 spot of a very short list of people I couldn't stand.

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