Monday, March 19, 2012

Rate-A-Restaurant #264: Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms
Restaurant: Mendocino Farms

Location: 300 South Grand Ave. (Downtown); other locations

Type of restaurant: Sandwiches

We stipulated: I've been dying to try Mendocino Farms for a long time... but we are usually in downtown on the *weekends* when Mendocino Farms' two locations there (geared toward weekday business folks) are closed. So when I found myself in downtown one recent Friday afternoon, I knew I had to make a line straight for Mendocino Farms' California Plaza location to see what the fuss was all about.

Mendocino Farms

They stipulated: "We like to try to reconstruct “Fine Dining” entrees to the sandwich level and take classic regional sandwiches and give them a modern interpretation. Mendocino Farms pays tribute to the county in Northern California that is known for its support of the Slow Food Movement and Sustainable Farming... Sophisticated wine country inspired ingredients composed with a fine dining approach to flavor pairing make Mendocino Farms the premier eco-artisan sandwich concept."

Mendocino Farms

What we ordered: Mike -- "A Sandwich Study of Heat (Turkey Avocado)" $9.50 (fresh local farm turkey, avocado, chili aioli, jalapeno relish, tomato, romaine lettuce on panini grilled rustic white bread. "Ask your server how to make it daringly hot" -- and I did.)

Maria -- "Steak Blt" $9.50 (carved steak, applewood bacon, romaine lettuce, roasted tomatoes, herb aioli, caramelized onions on toasted rustic white bread)

spicy potato salad (for me)

Mendocino Farms

High point: That potato salad was great, and I loved the spicy kick I got from my sandwich. They did not lie -- it was hot. Just like I like it.

Mendocino Farms

Low point: It's so difficult to get to Mendocino Farms on the weekday; as downtown becomes more of a weekend destination, I wish they would consider weekend hours.

Mendocino Farms

Overall impression: As far as sandwiches go, this is up there in a gourmet class. I also appreciate Mendocino Farms' seasonal sandwiches, as they try hard to keep from becoming too dull or routine.

Mendocino Farms

Chance we'll go back: It may be tough, but I would like to try more sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

what about the Marina Del Rey or Hollywood locations?

The one in Hollywood (in the old Zeke's BBQQ near Best Buy) on Santa Monica has pretty good hours and is bigger than the Downtown one.

Raul! said...

I love their PB3 sandwich (peanut butter, banana and bacon) and the Drunk'n Goat in Paris. I miss working in downtown.

Nanette said...

Oh, loved their Marina Del Rey location when we were still there! Great food & family friendly.

Mike said...

i should have clarified, we're rarely that far west (west hollywood or especially marina del rey) on the weekends... and on the weekdays i don't have time to drive to weho from century city... so it's been rough finding the time to hit any of their locations!

Carrie said...

Last year they had a booth at the Grilled Cheese Festival--that's where I tried it. But don't go to the GCF just for it, not worth it--even if it is at the Rosebowl this year

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