Monday, April 09, 2012

The Case of the Hanging Teddy Bears, Solved?

A few days ago we asked about those mysterious, hanging teddy bars seen dangling from power lines around town. It looks like the Atwater Village Newbie, whose blog had gone silent in recent months, was coaxed out of retirement by finding the answer. The Newbie believes the culprit is someone who goes by Hearts Challenger and Hearts Revolution. Here's what he and a friend sleuthed out:

It's not entirely clear what Hearts Challenger/Revolution is all into (music? ice cream? t-shirts? organized rebellions?) other than hanging these bears, but evidence is mounting:
Their zine links to a Tumblr page with dozens of hanging bear photos
According to a bio, their name comes from a song by a UK an English riot grrrl band named Huggy Bear
Their Twitter followers say things like, "I see your bears everywhere!"
Their ice cream truck, which seems to have a home in the Franklin Hills, has similarly fluffy and pink-masked adornments

When contacted by the Newbie, Hearts Challenger/Revolution was coy, but hinted it was true. Case solved, probably! Now on to the next case: Getting the Atwater Village Newbie back on his blog full-time!


Will Campbell said...

Thanks to you and AVN for shining a light on these folks. Nothing lifts my spirits more than a suicidal teddy bear, unless its one left dangling drearily and drippily after a rain such as last night's.

Not to further cement my curmudgeonality, but should that Hearts Revulsion truck deign to park anywhere I might coincidentally be, its occupants risk getting an earful from me about such antics.

teddy bear said...

What a great story! They are very cute bears

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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