Monday, April 30, 2012

FRANKLIN AVENUE IN PALM SPRINGS: Rate-A-Restaurant #269, Hadley's


Restaurant: Hadley Fruit Orchard

Location: 140 E Palm Canyon Dr. (Palm Springs)

Type of restaurant: Fruits, nuts, shakes


We stipulated: After stopping at the Cabazon outlets, the kids had eaten, but Maria and I were hungry. We immediately got back off the freeway when we saw the Hadley's sign, eager to finally try their famous date shakes.

They stipulated: "Hadley Fruit Orchards was founded by Paul and Peggy Hadley in 1931 in Banning, California. Their neighbors were the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. According to members of the Morongo tribe, Paul Hadley often provided tribal members with fruit and dates, fostering a rapport with Hadley Fruit Orchards that remains to this day." The Morongo tribe bought Hadley's in 1999.


What we ordered: Mike: Date Shake (small, $3.50); Maria: Banana nut shake (small, $3.50)

High point: The dates don't overpower the shake, and the small size is perfect. You probably wouldn't want more than that.

Low point: Hadley's has fallen victim to long ago becoming an overpriced tourist trap -- rather than feel like a cool little store on the way to Palm Springs.


Overall impression: The banana date shake is probably the better of the two-- but the banana flavor overpowers the dates. For your first time, I'd suggest the date shake -- it's worth doing on the way to or from Palm Springs. But pass on the nuts and dried fruits.


Chance we'll go back: Heading down the 10 on the way to Palm Springs again? If we're in need of a snack.

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