Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Most Bizarre Police "Chase" Ever?

Viewers of KCBS 2, KNBC 4, KTLA 5, KABC 7 and KTTV 11 on Tuesday evening were treated to what was alternately both the dullest and most unusual car chase in recent memory. First, it wasn't actually a car, but a tow truck. But secondly, the guy was following most traffic rules -- stopping at intersections, allowing other drivers to go and mostly following the speed limit. The LAPD was behind him, taking their time as well... and allowing news vans to join the chase.

An LAPD spokesman even mentioned on air that this wasn't a big deal, that they were basically going to let him keep driving. (And whatever the infraction was, it seemed pretty minor. Check out the details on the KABC screen grab above. We're having a chase... for that??) Channel 7 relied on a 14-year-old eyewitness for some shaky details, while Channel 4 reporter Robert Kovacik decided to saunter up to the driver's window and talk to him -- and then tout an "exclusive" that consisted of an exchange of maybe two sentences.

The driver finally entered Glendale, where eager Glendale Police officers decided to one-up their LAPD counterparts and finally arrest the dude at around 6:40 p.m. As usual, it was a complete waste of time (remember, the stations blow out their commercials when they go with wall-to-wall chase coverage) and yet you couldn't stop watching.

Only in L.A., kids, only in L.A.

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